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For Milano?

Hehe, just nicked Safety Mikes Bible and found hundreds of safety warnings, so that’s where he get’s them, and this.
Oh I would just love to have this little tape-machine. There is one with paint in it as well. Something for Milano/something for my birthday?

ver 1.0

Its a start
Thanks for the drawing nina
All comments welcome

Performances in Ill-Fitting Suits

Busk Using two non-instruments to make music, providing a cap for the collection of public gratuities.
Clean and Tidy Dressing up in mask, apron and gloves to spring-clean the environment with dusters, polish and air freshener.
Describe Describing the fashions of passers-by for entertainment and education to those who wish to listen and learn.
Falling, Chalking One falling down into a position, thus enabling the other to draw a chalk outline.
Make Cake Free Waging a campaign, collecting signatures for a petition, using leaflets, the power of rhetoric and the distribution of free cake.
Messy Eating Buying food to eat in or take away, gradually eating more messily.
Paint Carefully painting individual blades of grass, or leaves on bushes or trees, a different shade of green.
Puppet Wearing a glove puppet whilst going about one’s business.
Reverse Begging Sitting down in the street begging for passers-by to take money from a cap, due to one’s affluence.
Wash and Dry Walking into the sea to get thoroughly wet, afterwards walking up and down until thoroughly dry.


Working out of a Suitcase

London, February 9, 2007

Thirteen product designers from Royal College of Art are landing in Milan to declare their excess baggage at the 2007 Salone.
Using luggage as an exhibition space, they will unpack personal reactions, manifestos and mayhem in a mobile experiment across the city.
Expect ad-hoc and transient performances at targeted fair venues throughout the duration of the Salone, leaving only a digital trace in their wake.

Daily timetables will be available online at the designers’ blog at


56x25x45 – Working out of a Suitcase

Milan Salone 18, 19, 20 April 2007
Contacts: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad on
Sarah Van Gameren on
Platform 8 : Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad
Tom Price
Bas Kools
Nina Mrsnik
Benjamin Males
Simone Brewster
Simon Husslein
Henny van Nistelrooy
Cláudia Sofia Vieira Costa
Sarah van Gameren
Finn Magee
Alex Metcalf
Ilhoon Roh

P8 on the move

On the way to Hong Kong airport.

simones patent idea

Regime Change

lets provoke the milanese…

Silvio Berlusconi, who resigned as Prime Minister in May, is Italy’s richest man, estimated to be worth $12bn (£7bn).

For Mr Berlusconi’s investment company controls Italy’s three biggest private television stations. And his appointees run the public ones.

Opponents complained that an Italian voter could not escape blanket coverage favourable to Mr Berlusconi.

Merhan Karimi Nasseri

8 DINNERS / 3 2007: February 13, from 7pm

Dear all,

I am delighted to post the next date for a Platform 8 Dinner. This time our guests will be Daniel West, assistant editor of ICON Magazine, and Bruce Bell, an 8 veteran who now successfully works from within his 3 man studio in the field of applied architecture and art. A dinner not to miss. You bring booze, drinks and wwhatever you like, I cook, they talk.

FEBRUARY 13 (Tuesday), from 7 pm at rAndom Studios in Brixton.



"in the morning…

… please, don’t talk about design before I drink my coffee.”
(one way to prevent a panic attack)