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Once You Understand by THINK

MAN in Space

It’s worth noting at this point


The perfect match of sound and image, wonder if they made the video or the audio first? I also recommend Its Grim Up North by the KLF. Out of interest I came to that video by looking up william gibson. the funny twists and turns of the internet eh.. (Who am I talking to?)

Harold Pinters’ Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech 2005

Brian Eno has spoken of his reluctance as an artist to
meddle with politics. Pinter’s assertion is that the
citizen must do so, in order to protect that much-abused
Greek concept “democracy” and its central tenant, the
dignity of man.

the good and the bad

ideas for clean energy >>here
polluting trucks in China >>here

One of my favourite goals

One of my favourite tunes (needs bass, a car and a destination)

A new phase in security

Bad Dutch bike locks that you can open with their own blank keys, read here.

See a movie about this here

And £50 Kryptonite locks that can be opened with a ballpoint pen here

Hamburger backwards

Liberalism is mental death

During my research into recovery of mental illness I found this!
Liberalism is mental death!

Welcome to the 21st Century