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The Story

The Idiots is about a group of young people who share one interest: idiocy. With a large house as their base, they spend all their spare time together exploring the hidden and less appreciated values of idiocy. They practise! The project is a manifestation of an explosive appetite for life in which they confront society with their idiocy. Nothing can be compared to the mutual feeling of success, every time their personal limits are transcended in yet another scenario.

By accident Karen meets 3 members of the group and unintentionally she gets involved in their little game. She gradually understands what they are up to, and at first she is angry, but eventually she begins to participate in their diversions.

Karen is different from the idiots. She is from a segment of society that hasn’t got time to theorise over life and its qualities. She has been drifting aimlessly, and conceals a sadness that comes to the surface every now and then, but with the idiots she finds solace and understanding without prying questions. Soon she’s drawn by the group’s satanic games. She’s attracted by their joy. And she becomes one of them.

For Axel, one of the members, family life and work become more and more difficult, because the idiots keep terrorising his everyday life. For fun at first, but suddenly it isn’t funny anymore. Axel isn’t the only one to leave as the idiocy escalates, but the departures only strengthen the group’s solidarity. Most stay; they want to live out the excessive feelings, the aggression, the curiosity and the uncontrolled, egotistical primitive sexuality.

It is as a measure of the heights they scale that Stoffer suggests that they formalise the group’s solidarity. Everybody has to undergo the ultimate test. A test that must be undergone at home, in front of their nearest and dearest, and which will separate the sheep from the goats. Only the seven strongest remain. Karen is the last one of the group to undergo the test.

Have a look at this movie if you haven’t seen it yet. Its a group that puts up a performance and with this raising questions related to idiocy.

Good Selling

“Let us prove to the world,” wrote William Bernbach in his 1949 manifesto for the “creative revolution,” “that good taste, good art, good writing can be good selling.”

Squarer than square…

The world is square
It’s the square ness that surrounds us!

woohoo first blog video upload

56x45x25 – Working out of a Suitcase

London, February 9, 2007

Fourteen product designers from Royal College of Art land in Milan to declare their excess baggage at the design week 2007.

Using luggage as an exhibition space, they will unpack their reactions to the fair, spreading manifestos and mayhem in a mobile experiment across the city.
Producing ad-hoc and transient performances at targeted fair venues throughout the duration of the ‘Salone Internazionale del Mobile’, leaving only a digital trace in their wake.

Follow the action on the blog:
In collaboration with: Galleria Post Design, Milan.


Milan Salone 18, 19, 20 April 2007
Contacts: Bahbak Hashemi-Nezhad, Hannes Koch
Tel; 00447817854449

what can you do with a suitcase??

(manipulated photo – from one of the originals of Guy Bourdin)

and this…

Maybe,.. give a bit more time, or you use it in your way if you like.

What about this?

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