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Recession Special

Happy Happy Happy

We’re History

A documentary about the war in Vietnam. Does it remind you of anything that is happening now?

I Got Clamped.

Made In Queens

Randall Stevens is an ad agency not a documentary film maker. Nice work all the same.

Flying Machines

Party Going On

9th and penultimate year of the Fancy Dress party.
Trying to keep the graphics odd and un-themed.

Steve Edge, Snellen Chart.

I met Steve Edge in the waiting room at Moorfields Eye hospital. He had catalysed an animated conversation between 7 or 8 total strangers. He in turn told me about Zach Smith (previous post). For more Steve see this video.

Missile Mail

Before man reaches the moon, mail will be delivered within hours from New York to California, to Britain, to India or Australia by guided missiles. We stand on the threshold of rocket mail.

Apache Pilots

Stills from Channel 4’s pretty patriotic documentary about British forces fighting in Afghanistan.

Saturday Night and Sunday Morning (1960)

Cinema doesn’t get much better than this.

On Piracy

Omar-S lays it down on copying music. Same applies to design.


Possible favourite cinemagraph.