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Its been a while, but this merits posting. The similarity is uncanny. more

Doyle Dane Bernbach

Skype Error Screen Grab

Shad St, petulant.

and out of focus.

I still believe in the future.

Foreclosure of a Dream

Tom’s Diner

This song just popped into my head the other day and googling “de de de de” didn’t help. Thankfully my sister got it straight off, and now its stuck in your head.

Map of the world coloured by voltage and frequency


Envisage yourself in a log cabin

Sean Farrell, otherwise known as ‘Young Scargill’ during the strike, has a very different life now selling ice cream. ‘I don’t regret having been down the pit,’ he says, ‘You couldn’t put a price on the time we spent together fighting against the forces of individualism and greed’


Big Up


Quality community broadcasting.

The original bizzle

Never mind your techno, d n b and dubstep this is the real schizzle.