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thats nice henny but i prefer this Lasse Gjertsen bloke, a bit more drive, humour.

Your Obituary


the Opposites

voor henny


Once upon a time.

Loops, the rhyming couplets of our age…

Jesus 2.0


For fun why not click the flag as inappropriate button so those nice folks start to censor themselves.

platform 8 has stopped.

No more;
– platform 8 dinners with guest speakers
– strong exhibitions in Berlin with life size cardboard cars
– less su

whats up henny????????!!!!

RIP platform8.

 WAS the platform to fit into your exciting new lifestyle. Described by those who knew it as: “a laugh-a-minute roller coast ride through concepts and workshops via the canteen and galleries”.

classic irreverance

hey anyone noting problems with safari and blogger? i guess thats directed at you henny!

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