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– Car Models (existing cars) 6?
— Do we do headlights, Who is in charge?
— We make the side of the car curved?
— Car selection has to be fast so we can make proper fold outs (FINN).
– Finn how is the electronics going, ask someone to help you if necessarily? Its cool hannes is going to sort it out at the tuesday meeting, (finn)
– Name: Platform acht, Marketplatz ???
— Press release is ready, Invitation, image?
— German and English press and contact address list.
– What do you think about the line floor plan?
– Alex and Tom, do you provide a route Planner for the trip?

– Flights and van is arranged

makes me think, what do we want to say with a car boot sale where the cars have no wheels?
also I prefer our cars to be existing models and not only a stereotype shape.
hope you all found your eggs. happy easter.

Wheels or no wheels

Here is a great example of a car with and without wheels.

(enyone interested in a pair of aluminium Smart wheels? They are in a good condition and make your Smart look like an Italian racer)

a sketch…a thought

an inivite?

what do we name this baby…

considering that we are trying to describe an unofficial economy that feeds off of the greater economy, and looking back at the alternative name for car boot sales being flea markets, I offer gold, silver and


(also if you look para up it can mean type of city)

we could also go for PARASITE PLATZ

Details of the car and floor lines

Look at this. Wouldn’t it be better to not detail the cars to much. Everybody might use a other part of the car to detail for his exhibition. So does it realy matter what brand of car we present. If you take a car and draw the basic contour this should do enough. As an Idea for detailing I like the Idea of Gaby to get ourselves headlights for the car.

And what about the floorplan. This drawing might not be in the right scale but is sure does give an impression of what lines can do. Like football, basketball, whatever lines.

Please coment!

Accommodation in Berlin

The cheapest available accommodation that I can find is with Circus Hostel, as the Generator, which is cheaper but is book up.
Below is the cost over the 10 days period.

I will book this if it is all ok with you lot!

Grazi Platforma bella

Indeed Finn, Milan was sure a great place to have seen. To bad it was spoiled by a some kind of Furniture fair. Most interesting things there by far were the duomo, the food, the park at the sunny days, and Tom Sachs. For all who missed the last one I managed to get some images of his incredible marine ship. The Whale and all the other stuff was also very very impressive.


O ja;

v5 finns edit of toms very nice edit of catherine and bass edit

Introducing 12 students from the Royal College of Art, London. Platform8 is from Mexico, Japan, Ireland, England, Denmark and The Netherlands. There is one common thread linking the students in Platform8, an aversion to homogeneity and a celebration of diversity. They strive to question the role design can play in society.

Their car boot sale is presented as a counter-balance to the increasingly corporate, impersonal high street. A place where people gather together, coffee cups in hand, to bargain for an eclectic collection of objects. The informal structure of the Car Boot Sale provides an ideal setting from which Platform8 individually present their wares. 6 full size cars (re-created in cardboard) will provide the boots, bonnets and roof’s on which to show the groups designs. Come and have a look, and get a bargain idea for free.

ps mum says polystyrene cups are bad


12 students from the royal college of art in London. Representing a range of cultural backgrounds, which contributes to a diverse design approach, platform 8 look for alternatives to design as we know it, questioning the role it can play in society.

From common experiences of living and exploring the metropolis of London and amidst the hectic pace of the city they have discovered the informality of the car boot sale. A place with a variety of people and objects. A weekly event to gather together, polystyrene cups of coffee in hand, and bargain over an eclectic collection of products. A coming together as an alternative to the highstreet. At DESIGN MAI they present CAR BOOT SALE.

exhibition names

some more suggestions for a name.

  1. 8platz
  2. bricolage – this means ‘construction or creation from a diverse range of available things

other things I was thinking about are

  1. design what
  2. on the edge of things
  3. marketplatz

last night in milan – i have (somehow) managed to delete all other photos of the trip except these!!

Ciao Tutti

Hey p8 a quick hello from stansted , a beautiful area located about 50 minutes north of london. (its really worth a look if you have some time to kill). Anyway just wanted to say “god wasnt milan great, and get your photos on the blog” ok c u in bout 2 weeks
ciao bellas