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hey guys whats happening about the beer/ party/ opening in berlin. What night will we do it on the 16th or the 17th whens the press view? we could just take some of the offficial budget and invest it in the local aldi. or is anyone currently sleeping with a beer company executive or off-license proprietress?

Berlin Update

Hello all just to fill ye in on the general group and car plan:
1. CAT and BASS Fiat Panda and a big tent built onto the back
2. TOM and HENNY Mercedes 190
3.FINN and SIMONE Bedford Rascal mini van
4. ALEX and YOTA VW Golf Mk 1
5. JENNIFER AND LILLIANNA Renault and the bench
6. JOHNATHON and MARKUS Volvo 740 estate


Is this the kind of carlight you had in mind?


Press Image

Here’s the press image as it stands.

Any objections or suggestions?

6 cars fill the space grand

epecially with a couch, canoe and a big tent too!

last chance

hi 8

we are getting 700 sq metres of cardboard. this is enough (with a bit over) to build 7 cars. is this ok. it takes 3 people to build a car. better spend more time making 6 beautiful and well made ones than 12 sloppy ones……? (i think)

am confirming this tomorrow.

unfortunately due to time issues we can’t have white both sides. Only found this out today. we can have white one side and brown one side. this is our only option.

board will be delivered on the Friday before and we can start to build on the sunday.

fireproofing is being dealt with. I think our sponsers will supply this too us for free too…..they are really nice

Stop! Do not attempt to move this card


well after all the fuss over the name it was there all along!
Regarding electronics the concluision of this morning’s meetings was : each car will be provided with a set of sockets by me but after that your on your one. if you want something get it yourself. Hannes has also confirmed uk tvs will work over there so thats cool.

Choose YOUR car and PARTNERS

1.Opel Kadett “e” 3-door hatch
2.Rover 216 (Get it quick we have i have lovely blueprints)
3.Bedford Rascal mini van (Finn and Simone)
4.Volvo 740 estate (Marcus and Johnathon) panda (Bass and Cat)
6. Renault 5 ( there is lovely blueprints for this too put your name down pronto)

renault 5
Vw Golf Mk 2 ( maybe this should go in ?)
Nissan Prairie , Its much bigger than the other cars but is great its efeclticly shaped like a brick with a wedge cut off the front. so ugly its beautiful

im definitly sure that the first 3 cars are perfet for the job and would really recomend them. what do ye think?? any additions. the opel is the only german car there but i think the berliners would apreciate it ( it realy is a pice of shit we used to have one and we had to push it every morning in winter to get the fucker started!)

is there a title picked yet?

what do ye think of just this one? i was trying to
match the colour to the tape

Meeting on Tuseday

Hi all,
We have a Berlin meeting with Hannes on Tuseday morning at 10.00.
Be there.


Museum Boijmans Rotterdam

charity shop crawl

I am interested in collecting some of my items for the exhibition from charity shops. If anyone is interested in going on a charity shop crawl some time this week, leave a comment.