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space planning 2

space planning

Here are some ideas how to put cars.

12 cars are bit too much, but I suggest this planning if you want to put 12. Quite strong image from side and front view.

Parsonally, I would like to propose 3 tidy cars and 1 odd car idea.

Anyway I passed RHINO data to Finn, so play around with it for a week or 2 weeks!


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Ich danke dich schon meine liebe platform menschen.

Finn Essen Kebab

Sunday 12.00 RCa

Hey guys
Finn and bass are going to buid a full size car on sunday. you don’t have to come but if you feel like you would like some practice at building you are welcome to join us
finn and bass

Theme of cars

we need to unify/curate the collection of cars. i propose to use the types of car found at secondhand sales. this is a big generalisation but i think it would be mainly cars from the 80,s and early 90’s. economy cars. bargains buys like the objects they transport. it also helps that usualy these shapes are slighlty more angular and hopefully easier to make

ford escort mk2
vw golf mk1
rover 216
renault 5
peugot 205
and the Japananese models like
nissan bluebird
toyata carina

As Gaby suggested it is not about the car design but the uniform presentation. So extroardinary models that don’t fit within a carbootsale profile don’t work.(henny)

Design Boot?

So far Is Design boot favourite, add your comments please fast because it needs to be printed on Monday!

hey damen und herren,
suggestions for names and words that can be relevant:
– Car
– caRCA
– RCAr
– caR CAle
– Vehicle Design
– Design Boot.
– Twelve wrongs that make a right
– Drive in something
– Design / trunkload / in the back
– Junk in the trunk
– Platform 8 and The Skidmarks
– Skunk skunk skunk in the trunk.
– 50p entrance fee
– parking design
– taped
– cardboard cars
car re boot
carboard fanasties
bargain carboot design fest
polyssytrene coffee


best press statement ever (version 1) open for discussion

12 students from the royal college of art in London. We represent a range of cultural backgrounds which contributes to a diverse design approach. We look for alternatives to design as we know it, and question what role it can play in society.

In the overwhelming scale of the city of London we discovered the car boot sale. A place with a variety of people and objects. It’s an event to gather together over polystyrene cups of coffee and bargain over a collection of random products. A coming together as an alternative to the highstreet. At DESIGN MAI we present our car boot sale.

Entrance Pavilion
Pferrerberg Brewery

17th – 21st May.

Oooh shit…

A small calculation brought me to the conclusion that we need at least 195 square meters to put down twelve cars with walking space between them! I send it to Hannes already. So 1000 square meters is fine with me. I think we may not be affraid of it, just take it.


Cat – Press release + contacts with college press office
– Cardboard + delivery

Henny – Tape (try sponsoring if not how much)
– Communication 2nd years (what to present en organise help of first years)

Tom – Transport – Exhibition 17th – 21st
– Stay 14th – 22nd
– How much do people want to take, do we need a van or does everything fits in the plane. (Index this)

Yota – Floor plan of the space 100m2 (12 cars and other proposals)

Bas – Sponsoring +
– Press release (together with Cat)

Simone – Graphics for invitation

Alex – Accommodation Place to stay during the time. Contact Hannes.
– Tools, what do we need for handling the cardboard, etc… (What to take and arrange this)

Finn – Electricity and lighting (See what’s needed and Arrange it for as less as possible)

• 1st Year take over work for second years to let them work on their show.

– Next Sunday Bas and Finn make life size model from cardboard
– Meeting for who is not yet in Milan next …

– Exhibition 17th – 21st
– Stay 14th – 22nd (If van is needed it also takes more travel time for tree people)

– 17th in the morning Press
– 17th evening opening event

Main concept:
Car boot sale. We meet in the middle of car boot sale and design show.

– Car boot sale, multicultural market place.
– The alternative for the high street shopping / our presentation as alternative in the design show.

Cars will be: (like Jenny’s car but different models)
– Medium and small European budget cars (Mazda 323, Suzuki, Toyota) for the normal man.
– White cardboard if provided on two sides white
– White tape
– What about the rest of the car?
– No shrink foil

What do you want!?
– What do you want to take?
– Showing, selling with the car as presentation base
– Fill it up with something, stick prints in the inside, present your products next to and on the car. Find a way but stick to the theme CAR BOOT SALE!!!
– What do you want to sell? Sell yourself and/or your products to the costumers.

cardboard update

we can get white (both sides) 200gr
I was thinking of getting it in 2 x 2 metres.
1000 sq metres – is this way too much , are we going to be left with a cardboard mountain when we realise how much we have left over??

this all comes from beaconpack.
what do we give them in the way of publicity space in return….invites etc..(simone?)

cars are good

foam cars, julian opie glossie print cars, cardboard cars


Hey all,

What’s going on with the meetings for Berlin? As far as I know there was one at 10:30 but at the moment I walked into college I got a message that it was moved to two today. I just spoke to Yota and he didn’t know about this meeting at all.

What I want to say is who and makes the meetings and when. Who makes sure everybody knows about them and especially, who calls them off and why? Making group appointments is not about the individual (who can call them off for whatever reason) but making an effort to be there!