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at Platform 8

installation by tom price at abandoned railway that runs from Finsbury Park to Highgate then
picks up again along Muswell Hill road and ends at Alexandra Palace. It was
decommisioned in the 50s.


Platform 8 is run by a designer and a visual artist. The platform goals and aims are to create or claim the ground between the boundaries of Art and Design.

Platform 8 is about the individual, and seeks to see design as an experimental activity, which can be a way of expression, conveying individual contents, ideas and messages. It is about the individual student and his/her ability to develop a specific personal approach, area of interest, and a way of thinking through individual projects- very much the way artists work. Consequently there are no limits.

Design can cross the boundaries to neighbouring disciplines such as engineering, sciences, commerce, industry, art, craft, architecture, media etc…


Platform8 is fed up of podiums and podium based design. So, we’ve taken a slice of the city, a car boot sale, and put it in your face. Come and see this sale of ideas, you might pick up a designer for a bargain price.


Samples are coming in various colours. White, black, blue, green, white, red, yellow and some fluorencent ones. Think about the colours applied on cardboard. How many meters do you think you need?

cardboard sponsership

Hi everyone: things to think about.
we need to make these decisions this week.

need to know
1. board thickness (2m/ 3m) or double size (7m/ 8m)
2. Colour: white / standard
3. Type of board: corrugated or other (sending sample)
4. Size: 1600 x 2800 is the biggest size but they can produce them bigger for us.
5. How much do we need
6. What date to deliver in berlin

in touch with 2 companies who are keen to give us cardboard.
i prefer
they will deliver straight to Berlin.

Vehicle blueprints

Hey girls and guys,

I found a website full with blueprints of cars. It can be very usefull:


mobile home

on the backroads

Hello all. God i was just out in the hugh world that is bebo and myspace, looking at all the quality music blogs and seeing all the users connected and posting and promoting on each others blogs. so it was quite nice to return to the quiet cosy backwater that is platform8 blog.. Away from the gaze of the masses.
Other than that check out the pics from the irish match today. makes me pround to be irish

Burning Man

Check out this link to some amazing photos from the Burning Man festival in a desert in Reno – I wanna go :

There are a lot of wierd and wonderful car-art things there too.

Mini Tokyo Concept

For the Tokyo Auto Show Mini produced a conecpt on the theme of the british picnic. Its amazing, complete with streamlined tea wicker picnic basket and strap on tea bags. Pure instanateous design excess. An immediate image hit.

At the ICA:


25 – 26, 28, 30 Mar
‘Featuring music by the arch pop Saint Etienne, Finisterre combines keenly observed sequences from the urban landscape with loving voice-overs…’ Rolling Stone
For all those London lovers here over the holidays;
Two highly idiosyncratic looks at London.

sorry, fahren ja.

Farhen auf die berlinner autobahn.

Hi Platform 8 Berlin gang,


– Saturday there is Killburn Park
– Sunday Battersea
Yota knows the details.


– Arrange cardboard (delivered in Berlin!)
– Electricity
– Transport, a van for tool and other transport
(We need 2 or 3 drivers auf die autobahn)
– Book tickets everybody (think of two days of building our cars)
– Where do we stay (Hannes, is it the kindergarten again?)?
– Arrange tape (colours, length and prices)
– A printer and paper
– Tools (knives, hammers, drill/skrewers, nails and skrews, staplers)
– Shrinkwrap anybody?
– Carsounds; music for the exhibition
– Graphics, invites logo and a short text of who and what where.
(finished = printed before Milan to promote it over there!)

We have to split tasks, write your name behind yours. And what else do we need to think of?
This list is up in the studio notice board.


– everybody needs to have a scale model of their car 1:5, make this as accurate as possible to prevent unwelcome surprises.
– also figure out how many square meters of cardboard you need
– written down what you personally want to gain for at this exhibition
– think on how much electricity you need (light, music, laptop)

Venezuela Land of the free


I propose the next platform8 trip to be to Venezuela. The mission to contribute through design to the flourishing of one of the worlds few democracies. Thanks to a healthy oil reserve Venezuela has had the opportunity to disregard to the unjust structures and harsh economic regime imposed by a capitalist west orientated trade agreements. President Chavez has initiated a fantastic social, healthcare and education service, as well as tackling poverty. The good man also generously offered the USA aid in the form of Oil, engineers and nurses following the New Orleans disaster. Mr. Bush was not overly impressed. So let us join this progressive and visionary people on their brave adventure, Venezuela, We salute you!

Hey Bassie can i come next time you go there

nice fucking site bass.chingford is marked below on the map (red pointer) . also marked GAA (west) is the field in west ruislip where my friend peter from ireland is playing gaelic football, an irish national sport next sunday at 2.30. Everyone is welcome to come and whatch its a deadly sport and i gaurentee uv never seen anything like it, unless your irish.