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Paris 1

They have different electricity.


Old Money

Bakelite and rosewood (?) light switch on the marble clad flight of stairs to the Architecture department at the V&A.

Rubber over Wood House

Designed or redesigned by Simon Condor Associates the house is located on the vast expanse of Dungeness beach, Kent. Condor studied Industrial Design at the Royal College of Art. The use of materials is exciting. I would like to stay there and see how it works.


Apparently Hugo Boss first designed uniforms for the SS. I wonder what happened to these spoon designers?

No Fly Zone


Props from Sir John

NYPD stream

While I listen to this it is further flavoured by the sound of children playing at a nearby primary school, and birdsong, and toilet extractor fan and clicking keyboard keys.


My niece just turned 13.

International Nuclear Event Scale


Why not play the Glee video muted with the Shackleton tune as the soundtrack. When the first Glee video runs out Youtube’s ‘Up Next’ suggestion will be equally suitable.

Post Script. The Skull Disco track has a lot of bass frequencies in it. To get the full effect use headphones or a decent stereo.