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Fresh Air

If you substitute Irish for Scottish in there it kind of fits. (Although we did get around to removing the aforementioned effete individuals.)

(Colfax) Principles of Geometry

Like Boards of Canada’s electro cousins, crying out for a remix or two.

15 seconds of democracy

Well, under 30 anyway.

Cute Packaging

D_art Lab at Cittadellarte

I am pleased to announce that I am taking part in the D_art Lab project in Biella, Italy.

D_Art Lab is a project organised by the Production Office of Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto. 10 young designers from Italy and the rest of the world were invited to participate in a series of creative workshops, aimed at the ideation, planning and production of Turning Point Design objects for 10 manufacturer companies from Piedmont. The creative workshops are held by Experientia, Ross Lovegrove, Francesco Bernabei and others.

Feelgood Loop

Donkey Grime

Big Up Wiley