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All Over!

Hopefully your exam went more like this

and less like this!

Somewhere deep in County Wicklow..

this video requires bass.

Did ever you feel like just going into the studio and…


Pilotless police drone takes off

The Verdict:

Tony Blair:
The people person people love to hate.

It is getting crowded already!!!

This proves how far the imitation can wonder

First prize of the Plagiarius-Competition 2007

Jug “Sophie”
Original (left): alfi GmbH, Wertheim, Germany
Plagiarism (right): He Shan Jia Hui Vacuum Flask & Vessel Co., Ltd., Guangzhou, P.R. China

There is a war going on

It is tragic to see the figures for US troops killed and wounded, If anyone has estimates for Iraqi civilian causalities please put them up.

Thursday May 3

Dear All

tomorrow we will start with the first years before Lunch (see running order below). After lunch we will be joined by Daniel West from ICON Magazine for a string of short presentations with a following crit by all second years. As we are many, we’ll have to keep every presentation rather brief. You get about 20 to 30 minutes each, so I suggest that you present each project you intend to show in June, talking no more than 3 minutes about each piece, so that enough time is left for discussion and feedback.

Hand-out of directions for the final term / exams to first years

10.30 Claudia
11 BBK
11.30 Nina
12.00 Benjamin


Crit with Daniel West with second years

2.15 Bas
2.45 Sarah
3.15 Simon
3.45 Henny

4.15-4.30 tea break

4.30 Simone
5.00 Alex
5.30 Tom
6.00 Il-Hoon
6.30 Finn

See you all tomorrow,