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1 hour earlier tomorrow

Hey all

we’re scheduled in at St Martins in the field tomorrow at 12 lunchtime. I suggest we meet at 11.40 at Brixton Tube station. From there we take number 2 or 432 bus to the school. Will email this tomorrow or get in touch via phone if I don;t reach you all! Many greetings and a nice rest of sunday,


i wish …

Interactive architecture graffity


photos on the web

Ok here are a bunch of pics taken by that lovely lady from that site
I can imagine a small article appearing soon.



Friday, December 8 from 19.00hrs: rAndom vs Troika Studio Christmas Party.

Monday, December 11: 13.00hrs meeting in St Martins in the Fields School with the Brixton Kids with introduction from Phil Watson.

Please get back to me who can make it! I need to know to plan.

Thursday, December 14: 10.30 AM meeting at RCA, Gallery day. Then:

“Bye bye London” Platform8 Christmas Dinner (with guests to be confirmed)

MAKE IT UP: WHat are we eating for this? Any suggestions? Please get back to me. Our studio grill works, oven is out of service…so only cold turkey.

Edward Bernays

“News is any overt act which juts out of the routine of circumstance. A good public relations man advises his client… to carry out an overt act… interrupting the continuity of life in some way to bring about a response.”

Personal Cards

I need everyone to send me
their name
their contact email
Project title
a few lines on their project (this being the only optional bit)


4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad
4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad is an investigation into a series of dependant seating devices, which encourage its user to find other bodies of stability in order to sit.

Beautiful Bamboo Building

You mean something like this, Finn?

It’s getting even better with all the xmas lights now. Hong Kong harbour is turning into one big flashing light display.

Bamboo scaffolding is definitely a good thing. See you all soon.

What, you mean something like this, Finn?

Bamboo scaffolding is definitely a good thing.