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Personal Cards

I need everyone to send me
their name
their contact email
Project title
a few lines on their project (this being the only optional bit)


4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad
4 Legs Good 2 Legs Bad is an investigation into a series of dependant seating devices, which encourage its user to find other bodies of stability in order to sit.

Beautiful Bamboo Building

You mean something like this, Finn?

It’s getting even better with all the xmas lights now. Hong Kong harbour is turning into one big flashing light display.

Bamboo scaffolding is definitely a good thing. See you all soon.

What, you mean something like this, Finn?

Bamboo scaffolding is definitely a good thing.

Sign Overload Causes Negative Mental and Physical Effects

In too many places, main commuter roads are cluttered with strip malls, billboards and garish on-premise signs. A recent Texas A&M University study is the first to determine that this type of sprawl contributes to commuter stress. After being subjected to stressful situations, the subjects took simulated commutes along either of two kinds of roads: blighted by billboards, sprawl, and strip development, or unspoiled and rural in character. Stress levels declined quickly for those driving rural roads, but remained high for those exposed to strip developments. Stressed drivers experienced higher blood pressure, heart rate and respiration, and increased eye movements and facial muscle activity.

Brave New World / Platform8XL in Williamsburg

I have started talking to people about funding the exhibition. Ideally we get one big sponsor for it covering arifares, accommodation, PR material and, most importantly, shipping the stuff. What I ideally need from you is top quality work and a stunning display during the Work in Progress show.
Using the documentation of the show I am confident to put together a mint proposal over christmas, so that fundraising can start properly in January. Also from last years Berlin show I remember that you were incredibly quick to come up with good ideas where to get the money from. So if you come up with any please let me know! NYC isn’t Berlin, so it won;t be easy, but then again time is on our side.

Please give a thought to Milan as well: Do you want to show there as well? I think you should, but it’s going to put a hefty strain on the 2nd term and is likely to mean no easter holiday…

Next Platform Dinner (and P8 Christmas dinner? Should we have one?) is on the 14th of December in the evening. I’ll try to get a Journalist and Paul Cocksedge in, but nothing confirmed yet.)

Also: Gabi and me are trying to get a studio visit to either Kapoor or Heatherwick before christmas, hopefully that day.

Good luck for the 30th, I’ll be in touch through blog regarding the Brixton school project as I’m going to be away next week (in Las Vegas. If I manage to win against the damn slot machines I’ll fund the NYC trip).

Canteen Meeting

6:30 Thursday at the “usual spot”.
bring your ideas and your lovely selves.

Party  Partij  partido  パーティ~ Partei udeleženec

Sound System designs

Fernando Brizio used a digital audio waveform of his voice uttering the words “vase” to create this spun aluminium vase.

This project was presented at the ExperimentaDesign Biennale 2003.

Desing Idea

This is core of prototyping

For those that want to take it further…

people as movement


types of movement