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10+2… with something to laugh about

Sure i will catch up with you guys in the studio… but one for the arsenal lovers (even van nistelrooy)
go to half way through and wait to hear from arsen wenger hawkins. its the best thing ever.
oh!and the number in the title adds up to the amount of shots of rum i had when i found out i wouldnt be spending another great year with you guys. enjoy it!

ten minus two

Hey all, really impressive work yesterday across all years and platforms. Prepare for a tough ride in 8 this year… And get yourself a valid passport. See you all on Monday, then it’s our turn to impress you, greetings


8 is a do-tank

Guess what….

This ‘unique’ building is home to a basket weaving company.

Van Persie – the new Bergkamp?: Discuss

Henny, you’d be proud.
Check out this amazing volley from the goal against charlton the other day!

The Man of Scrap

He is fighting terrorism and his name is Arie.

the White Stripes

Some info for the Artemide light

Stockwell – Brighton

Nice ride to the sun. (IDE) Ben, Alex and Henny.

nearly there

Interactive Architecture

This is a great piece of interactive building graffiti.

Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow

Nice little project!

Video Description

A dynamic system with magnetic interaction between its parts visualizes the increasing difficulty of prediction the farther into the future we attempt to look.

Interactive Installation
by Eva Schindling and Daniel J. Wilson