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Le Parkour

This is a video of some russian guys free-running through gritty post industrial cityscape. Its the most amazing/beautiful reaction to and interaction with a lansdcape iv ever seen. It feels just like dog+z boys era skateboarding or detroit techno. Pure reaction to environment.

Auf Wiedersehen

Picture from Langlands and Bell website

ARC 05. Theme: the CITY

Hey. if anyone has this at home its worth looking at. nice editiorial by katherine feo and some cool illustrations.
some of it is availible online at

the guys above had some pretty interesting things to say abouot intimacy in public. and they also wanted their photo taken.

Oh ja,

do you cycle back Marcus?

Does anyone have a spare ‘thing’ to sleep on?

A device to sleep on, that can be folded or rolled into a small package, that can isolate my body from a cold Berlin floor?


yay berlin!

Sony commercial…nice.
You probably seen it but if not google for “sony bouncing balls”
Amazing what you can do with a bit of money..

Hey, I just bought a bike over ebay! I decided not to check up where it was located before the bidding of some reason. It is always nice with a small journey. This time the journey goes to Rowlands Gill, Newcastle. The man don’t want to send it, which is fine with me.

In relation to our brief..

Jonathan found this website which could be interesting for some of us.

Bas, is that an arse?

Would you go in here?!

Click below.

Sorry I am late

Let see if i can get into this blogging thing….