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Up and Down in 400 seconds

Solid Fuel Orchestra


The life of the modern jet pilots tends to be most unexpectedly lonely. . . . foreign countries are places to reach accurately and to leave on time. Distance is a raw material to work with.


Mr John Pearson writing in the Sunday Times, 4 Feb 1962.


Some common aspect ratios

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Friday Treat

Fighting Crime, Protecting People

They’re parked on a double yellow.

Confused Taxi

Oh, and it snowed in London!


Apparently 70% of all Land Rovers ever manufactured are still in use. Brilliant. Speaking of which, I quite like this new Defender Squared concept shown at the RCA Vehicle Design Interim Show last week.

A confession

Over Christmas I played a lot of Lego with my 8 year nephew. (Yes, I’m 29!) But while he got bored after an hour or two I kept going. Below is the result. I’m happy with the proportions and the tilting cab. It’s based on the Leyland DAF T244 as used by the Irish Army. They used to park the trucks outside our primary school to go to the shop and from my lower vantage point I could see the universal joint spinning and driving the rear wheels. It was fascinating! Getting that detail right was the main point of the exercise. It also has a crude gear box with a neutral and forward gear so it can be driven by motor or by hand. Think my nephew liked it…


Outside Morrisons on Saturday morning.

Shapes and Colours!

Very well behaved contestants too


Do you find that if a piece of work looks like it was fun to make it’s usually good to watch as well?


An oldy but a goody, Cillit Bang gets reworked by some techno germs.

The Greater and Better World of Tomorrow

Norman Bel Geddes designed the ‘Patriot’ radio in 1939. You can just imagine the cheerful propaganda of To New Horizons (see below) piping out of this star spangled box.