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In Memoriam

My second Casio F-91W failed 6 years into it’s life, again through the strap material coming into contact with an abrasive cleaning solvent. The first one lasted 5 years. They’re not bad.

Casio case

Casio calculator case repurposed for iphone.

Dungeness Trip


Musical Interlude

Curtis Inglis / Retrotec

Recycled boggle

‘Face down in river mud’

George Smiley is back on Radio 4. Try it, you’ll like it.

Fork Crown Detail

Nano Metric

Studio 1868

More ancient LDN here

أخبار هامة


The Russians built a screw-propelled vehicle, the ZIL-2906,
for recovering cosmonauts who landed in inaccessible areas.

Completely Detached

Pavilion for one, spotted in Wicklow.