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Donkey Grime

Big Up Wiley


Watch the Birdie

Learn english the weird way.

I got this video from Elanor Duffins’s blog, thanks el, it’s a peach!

Pete, Roger, John & Keith.

Kaiser Chiefs eat your heart out.

Pretty Fly..

Excuse the pun.

Stupidly funny.

Let me hear you say: You F Ooooh!

Archway init.

(Haiku by Basho)

Steve Dunn On Art Direction

Graham Fink’s first words to me after many a moon were “ I see you’re still in advertising’ Truth is I’m not. I do it. I try to make it stimulating. When I started seeing ads in my head, 3d ads that I had no hope of committing to paper, especially given my limited technological capabilities, I gave it all up. I never went near art direction in the same way for five or so years.
I started wearing suits and talking about brand values. And presently, like all reforming addicts, I’m gradually taking every day as it comes. God knows, I still try to find value in it. But it should only ever be a small part of any creative life. Creative enrichment can be found in so many activities and places, so my final words of advice are: do advertising, but don’t let advertising do you.

Mmm, Pixels…

So good. The drumsticks and camera flash are lovely.

Positive Contractions

Short form Long form
I’m I am
I’ve I have
I’ll I will/I shall
I’d I would/I should/I had
you’re you are
you’ve you have
you’ll you will
you’d you had/you would
he’s he has/he is
he’ll he will
he’d he had/he would
she’s she has/she is
she’ll she will
she’d she had/she would
it’s it has/it is
it’ll it will
we’re we are
we’ve we have
we’ll we will
we’d we had/we would
they’re they are
they’ve they have
they’ll they will
they’d they had/they would

Righteous anger.


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