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+Arch Office, Milano

+ARCH’s office is located Milan’s city centre. The space, which is found inside one of the city’s typical courts, is a former workshop. The existing structure has been maintained in the restructuring, showing it’s essential linearity. The space, wide open, is paved with teak wood and flooded with natural light, which comes through wide floor-to-ceiling windows and skylights. A full-height glazed door opens to a small interior court, paved with teak-wood planks and planted with Bamboo, which the meeting room overlooks.

Completed in 2001

Richard Dedomenici
is a one-man subversive think-tank primarily dedicated to the development and implementation of innovative strategies designed to undermine accepted belief systems and topple existing power structures.

By approaching the limits of conventionally acceptable behaviour, Richard Dedomenici’s poetic acts of low-grade civil disobedience forcibly ask pertinent questions of society, while his subtle anarcho-surrealist interventions create the kind of uncertainty that leads to possibility.

final press photo

put your hand up if you are for this photo :)

a metaphor casts a first subject as being or equal to a second subject in some way. Thus, the first subject can be economically described because implicit and explicit attributes from the second subject are used to enhance the description of the first. This device is known for usage in literature, especially in poetry, where with few words, emotions and associations from one context are associated with objects and entities in a different context.

nina is soooo cool

bahbak is so beautiful

How can we become a family?

I am working on a kind of unification project for us in Milan. I will send you round my brief.
But this is us, platform 8 as we stand now.

Hurrah the butter is all gone


Dear 8

tomorrow we’ll start at 10.30 in the studio. I will familiarize myself with your individual PR jobs / projects for about 10 minutes each, so that after lunch we can start putting NYC proposal together. For this, please all bring

-title of the work
-your text about the work (200 -300 words max)
-a selection of good photos (no fancy prints at this stage, but good motives /shots).
-bio / about you (200 words)
-awards history if applicable
-anything else that might help you communicate your work

Also on the agenda for tomorrow:

-Milan update
-another Milan update (unconfirmed yet): a friend of Ron (an architect with a successful studio right in zona brera) has asked Ron if he knew someone who was interested in doing sth during the salone; ron has pointed him towards Platform 8. Still try to reach the guy, but to no avail yet.

Many greetings, see you tomorrow


Brighton, yesterday

Coming Soon to the RCA!!!