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Dear all

here a quick recap from today, and a methadon brief for Milan which I liked as a boundary for a show.

-a concise and edited version of your Personal Manifesto / Agenda / Statement and, where possible, to do list for the next 10 weeks to be published in this space by next Monday night. Keep it clear and BOIL it down to essential information.

-Tutorials with Gabi / possibly a guest next Tuesday from 10 in the Studio

-On Tuesday the 23rd, everyone one of you has the chance to present his background thinking, inspiration and motives to all others. I have booked the 8th Floor for this, so make avid use of multi media please, 5 minutes each.

-Tuesday 23rd afternoon: group crits, all to attend. We need 3 people to come forward, those that have something (doesn’t need to be finished work!) please let us know.

-IN GENERAL: We need a good concise description of what this group is capable of in terms of a show / exhibition ASAP, for both Milan and NYC. If anyone feels two shows are too much to cope with, participation is not obligatory, but we / you need more dialogue about what it could be. Ben and Bahbak, I trust you’ll be doing a brilliant job to find a format in which the group can air concerns, thoughts and come up with tangible results. How about a good “working breakfast” in the canteen / at someones place, everyone brings stuff, someone provides and Agenda and off you go…?

-I meet British Council ececutives on the 19th and would love to have sth by then, but can go without specifics if this is too soon.

How about sth about a show about Hand Luggage for Milan: no shipping cost, very tight restrictions, interesting theme (almost everyone will have flown there and gone through the same humiliating experience), and easy to set up pretty much anywhere: you just need to steal a INTERNI banner and there it goes…

Well, I’m sure you’ll make something stunning up.

Greetings Hannes

MEETING Platform8 Thursday, 10.30AM

…and all of us are going to see Hella at 11. Many greetings


"ah that’s so nice"

a nice video

Happy New Year

OK, how’s this for a bit of 8y controversy to kick us off in the new year:

“When design privileges innovation, culture speeds along; when art drives forward relevant social commentary, culture flourishes. When one mixes the two, it is effectively the combination of salt and gasoline. The motor splutters to a deliberate and irreversible death.”

Hani Rashid writing in Domus.

Anyone up for a bit of automotive genocide?

Triumph Des Willens

Our generation is obliged to learn from the past and to keep a sharp eye on any attempts to undermine democracy by propagating authoritarian ideologies. Special vigilance is necessary against all sorts of pretensions on “leadership” (by single nations, parties, econonomic associations etc.), against all attempts to undermine the separation of democratic powers between people, parliament, government and courts. “Checks and balances” between different groups in society and between the nations are fundamental – and the only means to prevent the concentration and the abuse of power. Switzerland’s special political system of Direct Democracy with frequent referendums is one, but not the only instrument for doing so. Still more important than the mere existence of democratic instruments is their vigilant use by “ordinary citizens”.


Arts, science and the future of our profession.