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Studio space

Does anyone know what is going on in our so already cropped studio space? For all who hasn’t been in there lately, Lynn’s office has got an (temporary?) extension that takes the space of two desks. Is there a smaller amount of students coming year? It is a new college CCTV control room? Is it Jurgens office? Now I do understand the need for new windows because with the old ones we would have got into situations where students passing in the studio would have tipped each other out the window. These probably are stronger and can hold the weight of one adult body. Maybe the permanent use of the scaffolding could be a solution for the lack of space. New hallways from and to the stairs, lift and workshops. It can also serve as a nice place to have exhibitions in the metal structure or projections and graphics on the fabric wrapped around it. Or do we have to look for inspiration at Serpentine’s raise-able roof?


After the soundsystems cleared Notting Hill was left with a mess. Two days of colourfull Carnival, big parade and a load of sun showed me London as I have never seen before. Streetlife; one milion people dancing, talking, singing and drinking, could london ever be more fun?

Cycling pays off!

Hello all ex, current and future platform 8rs, I want to draw attention to the fact that we we’re last years most environmental friendly platform when it comes to means of transportation. I like to give some attention to a group of Bicycle couriers in the Netherlands that will do an overnight ride from 400 kilometers through the Netherlands. All to attract people to other, more friendly ways of transportation.

Predictions about the growth in traffic for western europe say that there is almost a dubbel amount of road transportation in 2010 compared to 1990. This growth has lead to a heavy increase of polution in the air especially in the city’s. Do we really need all this traffic on our roads? As a Cyclist I say no! Not as much and not as destructive. There are many opportunities when it comes to environmental friendly ways of transportation. The bike is where part of our future lies, no pollution, no noise, no sleepingdisorder, no increase of blood pressure en above all no stress!

Keep up the cycling and check these links: