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I have just been to the Netherlands

Cows are social and curious animals and they dont have a mustage.

team/work/muscle/sweat BY 4th JUNE

I second simone’s idea for entering the teamwork edition of ARC. How about a cheesy hammed up rehash of Berlin with some super tacky images, the making of video (for the website), maybe a teamwork diagram giving position, task henny father responsible for flyers, tape (!) etc and a short rant about platform8 being democratic well communist actually as opposed to some other platforms…. i think it would go down well. maybe we could close with a quasi nationalistic rant about how everybody needs to pull together as a team in these troubled times. ie a piss take the arc doesn’t have enough of that. right so I’m gona start that article …

Platform8 Fire Department

In addition to design consultancy we now offer a comprehensive fire fighting service (including fireproofing). pleae note offer only applies in berlin.



For Sale

White suzuki mini van, very low milage, 2 loving owners…

berlin biannale, and how finn gets tired or art


Carboot sale is open


Hey girls and guys, the building has started. We are here in our exhibiting space now with a huge pile of cardboard. The van has arrived safely and so did the plane. Come and have a look from wednesday onwards.


hey people
how is everyone communicating their proojects do we have a common signage, font coulour size layout cus we might need one QUICK!

Good luck today girls and guys.